Saturday, November 2, 2019

Read instructions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Read instructions - Essay Example According to Jess Coleman, the main aim of according death penalty to convicts is to deter, control, and ultimately curb crime. However, he argues that whether death penalty has achieved its purpose is a point of discussion. He argues that any executions take place in a violent manner though the intention is usually honorable. He notes that no substantial evidence relates increased executions to reduced crime. Instead, he observes that there is a correlation  between increased executions and rise in crime in countries like China, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, North Korea, and Libya. In addition, he argues that ultimately what the death sentence achieves is death and not justice. Moreover, he notes that just like in any other policy, the society and the government is not ready to deal with the aftermath of the death penalty. As such, he argues that governments should look for better and ethical ways of holding criminals accountable than subjecting them to a death penalty (Coleman Web). Indeed, the author’s purpose is to refute the idea that death penalty is justified in the society. He uses trusted statistics to prove that death penalty barely reduces crime in the society. He seeks to point out the need to find out other avenues of seeking justice than convicting criminals to death. I agree with the author’s argument that death penalty do not deter crime. Actually, as he portrays in the data no substantial evidence relates increased executions to reduced crime. This is so because in many cases death penalties rise from failed legal process where convicts do not get a chance to defend themselves. Others rise from vengeance as states seek to silence citizens who oppose the government. At the same time, the offended person gets no justice when the offender dies. It would serve the victim better if the criminal takes responsibility than dying. Actually, two wrongs do not make

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